Telemetry allows medical professionals to track a person’s heart rate in real time. Patients who experience palpitations, rapid or slow heart rates, dizziness or loss of consciousness, can have their hearts’ electrical impulses monitored by our staff. 

AUC’s new state-of-the-art system has alarm settings and printing capabilities, so that we can assist with problems as they occur at our center. For instance, if a patient has a rapid heart rate, our staff can safely initiate intravenous (IV) medications to slow the heart rate down immediately, and then provide longer-acting medications to sustain the treatment. If further investigation or care is required, the studies can be easily transferred to a cardiologist or specialist. 

For patients experiencing dizziness, black-out episodes, chest pain or any other symptoms that may be cardiac-related, our new telemetry system may prevent expensive and time-consuming trips to the hospital. 

(This is service is currently on hold and not being offered at this time).