Common Ailments

Mother Taking Temperature Of Sick Daughter

The physician you will see at Advanced Urgent Care is an experienced Emergency Physician. This means that he or she may approach your medical problem differently than a primary care physician (for example, a family doctor or internist).

Emergency Physicians and Common Illnesses

Emergency Physicians are trained first and foremost to be sure that your symptoms are not those of a serious illness. They are also trained to simultaneously provide you with relief from severe symptoms (i.e. pain, vomiting).

This may be as simple as talking with you and performing a brief exam. One example would be an earache that began after you were swimming all week. Another would be a cut that requires stitches but does not injure a nerve or tendon. Emergency Physicians are comfortable evaluating and treating these and most other minor illness or injuries.

For other problems however, they may need to do a more extensive exam including testing. Here are a few examples:

Abdominal Pain and Nausea

You have been working outside all day in the heat. You become sick to your stomach and weak. You sit down and rest and feel better, but when you start working again your symptoms return. Although you are most likely suffering from the heat and dehydration (and we might start IV fluids and medications for nausea) these can also be symptoms of a heart attack. Because we are trained to consider the most serious illnesses first, we would also perform an EKG and if there are still concerns run blood tests to help diagnose your problem. If we were still concerned that your symptoms were not from the heat, but warnings for a potential heart attack, we could arrange for further immediate outpatient cardiac testing at our related cardiology practice a few blocks away.

Flu Symptoms

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and you feel terrible. You have a headache, a high fever, ache all over and have a cough. You are pretty sure you have the flu and come in because you need something to help with your cough. You may be correct. Your symptoms sound like influenza or some other virus. However, its not flu season and you look sick! As Emergency Physicians trained to consider the most serious illnesses first, we would obtain a chest x-ray because we known that pneumonia can act like the flu. While doing this, we would also evaluate your breathing, oxygen levels and hydration. We might give you a breathing treatment, fluids and medications for your fever. If you are ill enough to require hospitalization, we would co-ordinate this with your primary care physician or (if you do not have a local physician) one of our select medical specialists.

As Emergency Physicians, we are expert at minor emergencies but are always prepared to evaluate and treat serious problems as well.