Flu Shots



Take a moment to look at your calendar. Pick a week, any week. Draw an imaginary line through that week (and maybe the next week as well). For that week, you will feel horrible. You will ache, you will cough, you will feel like a truck has run you over and you will not want to move. You will not work, play, vacation, fish or enjoy your family and friends. It will not matter that you live in paradise. You will feel horrible.

That is what will happen if you contract influenza
(the “flu”).

Not to mention – but I will – if you have underlying medical problems, are very young, very old or pregnant, you may end up in the hospital. Influenza can cause pneumonia, worsening of underlying medical problems and causes many deaths worldwide each year.

What to do? GET A FLU SHOT!

By getting a flu shot each year, you markedly decrease your chances of contracting and spreading influenza. You not only help yourself, but also your family, friends, Key West neighbors and co-workers. You can also remove that imaginary line from your calendar.

Flu shots are recommended for nearly everyone.

Those who should not get the shot are:

  • Anyone with a prior history of a severe allergic reaction to an influenza vaccine
  • Anyone one a history of a severe allergic reaction to eggs
  • Anyone with a past history of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Children under 6 months of age
Not you? Then, you need the flu shot!