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What exactly is Advanced Urgent Care?

As an emergency room alternative, Advanced Urgent Care (AUC) stands ready to meet your unscheduled medical needs. From minor problems such as cuts, earaches and flu symptoms to more serious emergencies like abdominal pain, shortness of breath and fever, AUC is here to help. Our experienced team of Emergency Physicians is backed by an on-site lab, x-ray, ultrasound and CT scanner, so we can quickly, efficiently and affordably treat most medical complications.

Should I use Advanced Urgent Care instead of my Primary Care Physician?

You should use your Primary Care Physician for your scheduled and ongoing medical care. However, if you have an unexpected medical problem, and you either don’t have a local doctor or your physician is unavailable, Advanced Urgent Care is here for you. Additionally, because of our advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities, your physician may refer you to us for evaluation and treatment that cannot be provided in his / her office setting.

How does Advanced Urgent Care differ from the hospital emergency room?

Advanced Urgent Care offers many of the diagnostic and treatment services of a hospital emergency room. Our physicians are trained and experienced E.R. doctors who provide unparalleled quality care.

However, unlike a hospital emergency room, Advanced Urgent Care does not receive ambulances and acutely ill patients, so we are able to focus immediately and fully on your medical needs. Our lab, CT, ultrasound and x-ray are also dedicated entirely to you (i.e. they are not also being utilized by an entire hospital). These factors markedly reduce the time you wait for exams and results.

When should I utilize an Advanced Urgent Care treatment center?

Advanced Urgent Care provides medical care for most medical conditions. On the right are a list of common conditions treated.

Will my medical insurance be accepted?

We accept most major insurance plans including: Medicare, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare, Aetna and United. We also accept multi-plans as well as credit cards, debit cards and cash. If we have not contracted with your insurance provider, we will work with you to help you submit a claim. We are sorry, but at this time, we do NOT accept Medicaid.

Affordable rates are available for those wishing to pay cash. Please see our pricing below.


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